Μονή Πρέβελης

Prinos Resort.

The monastery of Preveli consists of two complexes: “Kato Preveli” (Lower Monastery) and Piso Monastiri (Rear Monastery). Kato Preveli is situated in a beautiful location, west from the mouth of the river Kourtaliotis, near a small river with a bridge. Its church is dedicated to St John the Baptist. The oldest date related to the monastery is 1594, and it is engraved on the bell. Piso Preveli is located in a distance of 3km. Its church is dedicated to St John the Theologian. The date engraved on its bell is 1629. Built on rocky area with a beautiful view, it has attracted many visitors over centuries. It is believed that the monastery was founded either in the 16th or 17th century.

The two-naved church of Piso Preveli was built in 1836, destroyed in 1866 and renovated in 1911. The abbot’s quarters are surrounded by the cells and were built in 1900 and the old quarters were then used as guest rooms. The monastery has played an active role in all the Cretan revolts for freedom. During the Battle of Crete in World War II, the monks helped soldiers of the Allied Armies escape the island. Among the precious relics of the monastery, a golden cross decorated with gemstones and with True Cross is believed to be miraculous. The museum of the monastery possesses a collection of religious texts, vestments, cadastre, books and the document which declared the monastery as stavropegic in 1789 sealed by Patriarch Gregory V.

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