Sfendoni cave

Prinos Resort.

The limestone mass of Psiloritis mountain is riddled with numerous caves and ravines. Sfendoni cave is the only cave in the area with infrastructure for organised visits. The cave is located on the steep south slopes of Halepa hill, 1km northeast from Zoniana village, at the site “Mironos”. A beautiful natural water spring flows near the area of the cave, at the site "Skafida".

The location impresses the visitors. The parking and the recreation area outside the cave are surrounded by steep rocks up to 50m tall that form a natural wall at the northwest. Imposing huge rocks stand as if placed by a super force. Small plants, such as thyme, oregano and other shrubs, struggle for life in the rock clefts. The recreation area offers a unique view. Following the stone-paved path, you can reach the cave entrance.

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